Robert Cirtin Earns 2020 Men of the Year Honors from Springfield Business Journal

The Springfield Business Journal recognizes Robert for his decades of leadership in investigations, higher education, law enforcement and politics.

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What Can You Do to Combat Workers’ Compensation Fraud?

A man employed as a concrete cutter in California filed a workers’ compensation claim, alleging injuries so severe he had lost the use of one arm. After missing 3 months of work, he was videotaped giving skydiving lessons, showing zero ill effects from his supposed injuries. The man was observed boarding a plane, carrying skydiving equipment and landing a parachute with a student attached to his body.

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Address Negligent Hiring Risk with Employment Background Checks

A recently hired sales representative is charged with sexual assault against a fellow sales rep. The ensuing investigation reveals that the new employee had a prior rape conviction, but because the company failed to conduct a criminal background check, the hiring manager did not know this before making the job offer.

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Enhance Worshipper Safety with These Church Security Tips

Church is supposed to be a welcoming place where everyone can experience the power of God’s Word. But even as we open our doors to share His Love, the unfortunate reality is that religious organizations are not immune to the violence that has become a sad feature of today’s world. Over the past 20 years, more than a dozen churches throughout the United States have experienced fatal shootings.

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