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Why Hire a Private Investigator Instead of Conducting an Internal Investigation?

Business investigations can bring significant stress and agitation, disrupt the workplace environment, erode trust and put a damper on morale.

When confronted with allegations of fraud, embezzlement, discrimination or harassment, or a need to verify workers compensation claims, many companies try to handle things themselves. Managers feel like they know the business best and think an internal investigation would be the easiest and least embarrassing way out.

But attempting a direct investigation can be problematic for several reasons. Discussions may break down, employees may fear retaliation for sharing evidence and proper data-gathering techniques may be overlooked.

In many cases, it’s better to hand the matter to an objective third party with no vested interest in the outcome. Keep reading to learn why outsourcing to a licensed private investigator makes sense for employment-related situations.

Get Specialized Expertise

A private investigator must go through specialized training and meet strict licensing requirements in most states (including Missouri).

That means he or she will have expertise that an amateur simply will not possess:

  • Exactly what information is needed.
  • Who or what has the necessary information and how to get it.
  • What types of information are legal or illegal to obtain.
  • How to conduct an interview and gather documents correctly.
  • How to determine the reliability of information and qualify sources.
  • How to deal with uncooperative witnesses, retaliation against witnesses or outside meddling.
  • How to evaluate and process evidence in order to reach a supportable conclusion.
  • What to do about privacy issues or proprietary interests in the information.

With a professional private investigator, you can be confident that you’ll be getting trustworthy information that you can actually use to make legally sound decisions.

Save Time and Resources

The sooner your investigation begins, the better. Information should be gathered before memories fade and evidence gets corrupted or destroyed.

Attempting to balance an internal investigation with other professional responsibilities may lead to unnecessary delays, damage the quality of the findings and evidence and leave you vulnerable to expensive consequences.

A private investigator will devote the resources necessary to ensure a timely and thorough investigation, so you can focus on the day-to-day operations of your business.

Need for Objectivity

An impartial investigator with no prior connection to the case instills trust that results will be objectively determined.

  • Witnesses may feel more comfortable sharing information with someone who doesn’t also make hiring, firing and promotion decisions.  
  • All parties are more likely to view the investigation as fair.
  • Findings are less likely to be disputed if they are perceived as coming from an unbiased source.

Hiring an independent private investigator demonstrates to all stakeholders that you take the matter seriously, and that you’re willing to accept the findings and their implications, whatever they may be.

Avoid Liability

Serious employment allegations could lead to lost jobs or even prosecution.

Allegations that aren’t fully supported by the evidence, or information that was improperly gathered, could expose you to possible liability for wrongful dismissal, defamation or breach of privacy.

An independent private investigator can help you avoid the severe legal and financial consequences of a flawed investigation.

Maintain Confidentiality

A reputable private investigator will maintain strict confidentiality throughout the investigation.

This is essential for protecting the integrity of the data and for preventing unauthorized information from “leaking” to the general public through news organizations or social media.

If your organization is facing serious employment-related allegations, contact Robert Cirtin Investigations. Backed by over 25 years of solid experience and up-to-date investigative techniques, we will uncover the accurate, timely information you need to get to the truth.

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