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Background Investigations

If you are a business leader, church leader, or individual, there could be occasions when you need a thorough background investigation.

Background investigations can be a useful tool in child custody cases, family law investigations, when hiring executives and middle managers, church pastor and staff, and that person you or a family member met on the internet.

Close up of hands tying on a laptop. Night work concept.
Close up of hands tying on a laptop. Night work concept.

Why Choose Robert Cirtin Investigations?

Since our agency was founded in 1991, Robert Cirtin Investigations has provided extensive background investigations across the spectrum of our community. Our investigators utilize premiere technology and techniques to ensure that our processes are always evolving and effective.

Below is a menu of background investigation services we can employ for your investigation.

Statewide Criminal Court Record Search

Our team provides criminal records checks that can uncover information on misdemeanors and felony convictions for the individual and state that you specify. On rare occasions, a statewide search may be unavailable. In these situations, our team will investigate on a county level.

Civil Court Records Search

We provide a civil court records search that allows us to discover any civil actions and litigation that an individual has been involved in. Additionally, our team can obtain information pertaining to bankruptcies, liens, judgments, marriages, and divorces, and provide you with supporting documentation.

Federal Court Search

We are able to access and search the Federal Court database. If the individual was involved in any federal crime that did not involve local, county, or state officials, we can uncover this information.

Sex Offender Registry & Record Search

Our investigators can determine if a subject is listed in the sex offender database of the United States Department of Justice. We also check statewide sex offender databases.

Social Security Verification

We utilize an automated national search system that can verify the authenticity of the Social Security number provided by a subject. This system can determine vital information about the number including if it was, or is associated with, any other names and addresses. We can also determine whether it was issued by the Social Security Administration, and whether the person it was assigned to is deceased.

Address Verification

Using the subject’s name and personal information, Robert Cirtin Investigations utilizes an automated national search system. This search service will reveal any aliases used by the subject along with a complete list of addresses associated with the subject’s name(s).

License Search

Our team of investigators can search state records and determine what license(s) a subject holds and the status of those license(s). These license types include professional, drivers, concealed weapons, and many more.

Public Driving Records Search

Another key component of a background investigation is a driving record check. This allows our investigators to determine traffic convictions, license type, license number, birth date, physical description, and other important facts.

Death Records Search

Our investigators conduct a thorough death record search that helps us determine whether the subject is actually deceased. Other pertinent information includes date and location of death, death certificate number, and Social Security Administration verification or proof indicator.

Education Verification Check

This search will provide background information regarding the subject’s academic history and can determine if they have provided fraudulent education information. Our investigators can determine which institutions the subject attended, dates they attended those institutions, their GPA, and the degree/diploma/certificate awarded to them.

Employment Search & Verification

Robert Cirtin Investigations offers an employment verification check to determine whether a subject is or was employed. We can also determine dates of employment, position/job title, salary history, and if the subject is a good candidate for rehire.

Personal Reference Inquiry

Our investigators contact personal and professional references who provide us with information that will further enhance our investigation. We have the skills necessary to develop a list of additional references that were not initially provided to us.

Email Search

Our investigators can normally find and verify an individual’s email address(es).

Phone Search

In most cases, we can determine a subject’s cell phone and landline telephone numbers using other kinds of information uncovered during our investigation.

Newspaper Archives Search

Sometimes a subject will appear in newspaper articles across the country. By searching through national and local newspaper archives we can find articles that mention the subject, thus providing additional information.

Social Media Search

Our investigators can conduct a social media search to gather information that might not otherwise be available. We can often discover negative information through postings and photos, determine their activities, discover their location, and identify other people they associate with. In many cases, we can also obtain recent photographs of the subject.

Asset Search

Our investigators can many times discover a subject’s known and hidden assets, including vehicles, property, watercrafts, personal property, and more.

Business Entity and Corporate Records Searches

We have the ability to conduct a business entity and corporate records search that seeks to discover information about businesses of interest. We can determine the company’s name, address, telephone number, and Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). We also look for information relating to key business contacts which include their name, title, SSN, FEIN, and phone number.

While a plethora of companies provide background investigations in Missouri, our licensed professionals fully understand the complexties of this type of investigation.

For nearly 30 years, Robert Cirtin Investigations LLC has developed techniques that ensure the information your case requires is reliably and rapidly attained.

Our employment-related background searches normally fall into the following categories: court records, personal records, and media records. For more information on these services, contact us today.

Court Records

Personal Records

Media Records