Robert Cirtin Earns 2020 Men of the Year Honors from Springfield Business Journal

The Springfield Business Journal recognizes Robert for his decades of leadership in investigations, higher education, law enforcement and politics.

Surveillance Investigations

Many investigations require the use of surveillance in order to fully document an individual’s activities and whereabouts. At Robert Cirtin Inc., our experienced investigators use advanced surveillance techniques and technologies to gather lawful evidence that is also admissible in court.

Utilizing Sophisticated Surveillance Technology

Our investigations begin with a national and statewide comprehensive database search to ensure we have the most up-to-date information about the subject. Our private investigators then utilize sophisticated surveillance technology to observe and record all of the subject’s activity, both on the job and privately. We compile our findings into an accurately documented and detailed report to you.

Guaranteed To Be Discreet & Confidential

Your benefit in using our firm to conduct your surveillance investigation is that we remain impartial throughout the process. Many businesses, law firms, religious organizations, and insurance companies have discovered the benefit of outsourcing surveillance needs to us. We have earned our clients’ trust by providing discreet and confidential surveillance techniques and methodologies, which include covert video surveillance.