Robert Cirtin Earns 2020 Men of the Year Honors from Springfield Business Journal

The Springfield Business Journal recognizes Robert for his decades of leadership in investigations, higher education, law enforcement and politics.

Church Security

If you work within a church, you understand the importance of maintaining a secure environment that promotes positive interactions and safe gatherings. Cultivating a comprehensive understanding of security is the responsibility of pastors, deacons, Sunday school teachers, staff members, and church security officials. It can ensure that your property, congregation, and reputation are secure from everyday threats.

A blurred photo of the inside of a church sanctuary that is filled with people in the pews, and the pastor stands under a large cross at the altar.
A blurred photo of the inside of a church sanctuary that is filled with people in the pews, and the pastor stands under a large cross at the altar.

Church Security Training & Consulting

In today’s world, it is imperative that you and your staff have proper safety guidance and training. That includes everything from understanding the safety concerns of the church staffing process to managing emergencies and creating a church security plan. The Robert Cirtin Investigations LLC team provides the expertise you need in all of these areas. Our goal is to provide your church leadership and staff members with information on a wide array of safety-related issues. We provide church counseling and seminars on the following topics:


Addresses how to prepare for and interact with intruders, and handle domestic disputes and issues safely.

Congregation Protection

Provides an overview of the background screening process, its benefits, and legal limitations.

Child Abuse Issues

Provides information on how to approach the subject of child abuse appropriately. Also includes information on the legally mandated responsibilities of church staff members, and information regarding nurseries and other childcare environments.

Investigating Internal Incidents

Informs church staff members with guidance on evaluating internal conflicts, and investigating them thoroughly through evidence collection, analysis, and interviews. Helps attendees understand legal limitations and requirements.

Medical Emergency Preparation

Provides information pertaining to medical emergencies and how to develop a medical emergency plan (plan outline sample is supplied). Also includes how/when to use CPR and first-aid, and an overview of necessary medical equipment.

Church Owned Daycare, School, and Preschool Safety

Supplies suggestions for enhancing safety through staff training programs, and aids in establishing adequate supervision guidelines. Focuses on creating a safety plan and crisis management/screening program for processing visitors.

Security Team Organization

Provides information on selecting and recruiting reputable and qualified church security officers, establishing an appropriate dress code, and purchasing necessary equipment. Includes guidance on providing adequate church security training and fostering interactions with ministerial staff. Offers an overview of training and communication of security teams.

Security Camera Utilization

Provides an understanding of church security camera usage and legal implications, while offering an overview of best placement practices for security cameras.
While the above topics are confronting, it is important to understand that these threats are real. By properly informing and training your staff, your church is more protected from them. If you choose to have the Robert Cirtin Investigations team provide training or a seminar, we will meet directly with your church staff. We will help them gain an understanding of how they can promote safety within their place of worship.

Why Trust Robert Cirtin Investigations?

Robert Cirtin of Robert Cirtin Investigations has a history in law enforcement and investigation that spans over two decades. His book titled Church Safety and Security: A Practical Guide has provided safety suggestions and solutions to countless churches. Additionally, Mr. Cirtin is a former ordained minister with a large denomination. His unique background allows him to understand church safety on a deeper level than many other church security experts.

He and his staff are trusted professionals who understand church security threats.

Church Safety and Security: A Practical Guide

Robert Cirtin has authored A Practical Guide to Church Safety and Security. This widely used book was written from his broad experience working with religious organizations and assisting church leaders in maintaining safe and secure operations.